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To book classes phone or visit Reception on (07) 3870 2301

Class Timetable

Pilates is a form of exercise that encourages synergy between postural muscles, core stability, overall strength, flexibility and muscle conditioning. The goal of Pilates as an exercise practice is to improve general functioning and is an ideal rehabilitation tool showing great success is reducing back and hip pain and preventing future injury.

The term “core strength” is widely used in the exercise circles today, but it is a slightly confused term, as there is no specific core muscle. The term core generally refers to a group of deep muscles that work together to help stabilise your spine, and help control movement. The most commonly referred to core muscle is the Transverse Abdominus, a deep abdominal muscle that acts like a corset, to help control and maintain good spinal stability and posture.

Pilates utilises knowledge of anatomy and exercise that helps build strength in these core muscle through both functional and specialised exercises.

The two main types of Pilates exercises classes offered at Ironside Sports and Physiotherapy are a Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer sessions.

Matwork Classes

Each mat work class runs for around 60 minutes and utilises a wide range of Pilates exercises. Each class will tend to have a slightly different focus such as posture, targeted strength, balance, and stretching to name a few, but involve a whole body work out each time.

Mat classes also utilise equipment such as swiss balls, theraband and chi balls to offer different and challenging exercises. Although it is a group class, exercises are individualised.

Reformer Sessions

The reformer is a Pilates apparatus that adds a new dimension to the typical Pilates workout. It uses springs along with your body weight to provide resistance that can be used to target specific muscles. The reformer is a brilliant way to expand upon your current Pilates repertoire.

Individual Sessions

Ironside Sports and Physiotherapy offers one-on-one and duet sessions to help cater for individuals who are working with a specific goal in mind or who just want a different, more personal experience. These individual sessions can be completed with mat work, reformer work or a combination of the two.

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