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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be given exercises?

Yes. Our physios will design an individual treatment programme for each patient, usually consisting of various appropriate exercises that are to be performed between treatments. Before you leave the clinic, our physio will run through your exercise sheet to ensure that you know understand each exercise, highlighting how important these exercises are to optimise your recovery.

How long do treatments take?

An initial consultation will take approximately 60 minutes depending on complexity of the problem. A follow up consultation usually takes 45-60 minutes. As a new client, we would appreciate if you could arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to check your details.

Do you know how many treatments I will need?

After your first assessment, your physio will be able to offer an estimate of the amount of appointments needed for your case. This may vary during the course of your treatment as our physio will assess your progress on each visit.

Can I have a home visit?

Of course but the cost of a Home Visit will include travel time from the clinic so the cost of treatment may be higher. Please call us for more details.

Do I need a GP referral?

No you don’t need a GP referral. Physiotherapy is an autonomous profession, and we act as first-contact practioners. If you are able to claim a rebate for physiotherapy services from a private health fund, this is possible without a medical referral.

A medical referral from your general practitioner is necessary only if:

  • You have been injured at work and your case is being managed by workcover

  • Your treatment is covered by Veterans Affairs

  • You are claiming your treatment expenses through a 3rd party claim.

Your physiotherapist is also able to refer you on to other medical and allied health professionals where appropriate. We liaise closely with GP’s & Specialists, Coaches & Trainers, and all Health Professionals. However if you have one, you can bring us a copy of the referral letter along with the written report of any X-ray or MRI that related to your injury.

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