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Exercise Prescription

Everyone understands the benefits that regular exercise can bring to your life, with an ability to improve almost every aspect of your life. Exercise is potent at helping to reduce stress and improve your sleep patterns. In recent years a concerning trend has emerged where inactivity has taken over as the leading cause of premature and preventable mortality in the developed world.

What does this mean for you…

It means you should get out there and do what you can to stay active and healthy. Exercise is about setting time to help improve your strength, fitness, flexibility along with numerous other aspects of health and wellbeing.

At Ironside Sports and Physiotherapy we have trained exercise professionals who are able to help tailor a program for you, that meet your needs and desires. Exercise and fitness is about more than weights at the gym or going for a run. Exercise is about finding something you enjoy, that keeps you active and regularly participating in that activity. Exercise prescription is about taking into account your personal physiology, time commitments and goals and designing and individualised and scientifically based program to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Simple tips for staying healthy

  • Move. Move every day and in as many ways as possible. This can be as simple as taking the stairs as opposed to the lift at work, parking slightly further away so you take a little longer to walk to work, or taking the dog for a walk when you get home. You don’t have to do much to notice a big difference.

  • Stretch. If you can get up in the morning five minutes earlier and spend that time stretching, you will be amazed at how much better you feel throughout the day. You don’t have to move into a complex yoga pose, a simple stretch routine can be designed by your physiotherapist.

  • Eat well. There are a lot of very complex rules when it comes to eating well. They are complex, but do not need to be a simple method to follow is this:

  • Eat food that mainly comes from the ground – fruit and vegetables – this should make up half of most meals.

  • If you eat meat, make sure it is good quality and lean – this should make up a quarter of most meals

  • When it comes to starches and grains, treat them like meat, good quality (complex carbohydrates) and ensure they make up no more than a quarter of your meal.

  • Relax and let yourself have a treat every now and again. You won’t stick to any eating plan if you make it a torment for yourself. Just don’t over indulge and over eat. (remember the calories don’t count on your birthday or Christmas)

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